Greetings from Brazil

Greetings from Brazil

by André Yamin -
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Hello everyone,

My name is André Yamin, and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I am currently working with e-learning in the ATP group at the University of sao paulo. Our group provides technical support to various projects of the university including some large projects for the state government.

At the same time I am preparing to enter the Masters, possibly next year.

This course will be especially important to me because deal with the large amount of data generated throughout our project has proved to be a challenge.

I hope this course will be an interesting opportunity to establish contacts and collaborate with other professionals in my area around the world.
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Re: Greetings from Brazil

by Gabriela Bulla -
Hi, André!

It's good to know that there're many Brazilians here!

Have you been participating since January 6th? I've just started! Gotta run! :P

Nice meeting you!