Ponaksom from Qom, Iran

Ponaksom from Qom, Iran

by Hamed Agha -
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I'm Hamed Agha, living in Iran, Qom. I'm a M.A student at University of Religions & Denominations (URD). I study Christianity and Judaism.

I'm also the R&D manager for The Cultural Institute of Asman-e Sobh. Our institute focuses on blogging, social networking and something we call "Online Life". We provide learning materials about how to live better in internet.

The last project I've been working on is a social educational network in which people can share their knowledge about "Online Life" and make it better for others. I think this course might help me plan that project.
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Re: Ponaksom from Qom, Iran

by Vivian Evans -

Hi Hamed,

Your work and online roles sound really interesting! Making online life better is a great goal too. :-)

I must say you look very relaxed in the picture!

Hope we connect during this somewhat daunting course.. i am thinking I might cope whilst I am on holidays

Cheers Vivian (Australia)

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Re: Ponaksom from Qom, Iran

by Hamed Agha -
Actually I WAS relax when my friend took that picture :)

It would be my pleasure to be in touch with you and talk about the subject.