Hi from Milton Keynes, UK

Hi from Milton Keynes, UK

by Paul Lefrere -
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In this course, I expect to encounter many perspectives on such notions as "professional knowledge" and "graduateness", and their implications for learning, un-learning and re-learning. I hope to make new friends and to jointly explore what is needed to inform personal and organizational decisions about learning and knowledge. I'm especially interested in hearing from people about what kinds of analytic data (and tools for managing that data whilst respecting privacy) they would like to have, or find useful, in relation to anticipating and tracking actual or anticipated changes in what they and others need to know and need to be certified for.

Other relevant stuff: I'm in the Knowledge Media Institute of the UK's Open University, researching into possible futures for technology enhanced learning and related topics that require new forms of analytics and informed (evidence-based) responses to emerging challenges. Through such work, I travel a lot, and meet policy-makers in many countries, interested in issues relevant to this course, such as analytics to inform decisions ("Action Analytics") about investments in higher education systems and in professional updating systems. This includes developing analytics tools to highlight factors that raise or reduce the demand from employers for the kinds of knowledge and skills that are currently being certified by educational institutions.

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by Jeff Grann -

Hi Paul,

Nice to cross your path again in this forum and hear of your continued interest in Action Analytics. I continue to work in this area as well and suspect will gain some value from engaging this large international group. Some questions on my mind right now; How do leaders share goals and quickly form trust? How do analysts link their work to key decisions? These social and psychological challeneges can't be skipped or ignored.  Nice to have you in the discussion.


Jeff Grann