Nuno from Portugal, Lisbon

Nuno from Portugal, Lisbon

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My name is Nuno Pena and I'm from Portugal, Lisbon. I'm finishing my PhD in Management Information Systems (MIS) – area of measuring the effectiveness of Corporate e-Learning and I’m Chief Learning Officer / Director of Learning and Development at Portuguese Association of Insurers. In the pass I took Master Degree Multimedia Educational Communication, a Post-Graduation on Adult Learning and a Licentiate in Philosophy.

The Portuguese Association of Insurers is the association of insurance companies operating in Portugal and represents more than 99% of the Portuguese insurance market. "Portuguese Insurance Academy" that I run is APS training organization, and aims near 12.000 insurance workers as well as near 35.000 insurance intermediaries and other direct and indirect insurance stakeholders. So I handle a significant amount of information and metrics...

For those who would like to know a little more ... please see:


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