Meet Nate Angell

Meet Nate Angell

by Nate Angell -
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I currently live and work in Portand, Oregon, USA.

I've long been a practitioner in education and educational technology and am interested in enabling and rethinking the way both teaching and learning are measured and assessed. I'm hoping this course can lead me to new information, ideas, and people centered around similar interests.

I'll consider the course a success if it consistently brings interesting information and conversation to me and it leads me to generate new thoughts about learning analytics, education, and/or technology.

I currently work with open source communities and projects for rSmart, primarily focused on the Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment. I previously led web communications at Portland State University, Oregon's largest and only urban public university, and at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry in Portland, Oregon. I hold an M.A. in American Civilization, specializing in film, television, and digital media studies, from Brown University and am A.B.D. for a Ph.D. Find out more about me on my blog, resume, LinkedIn, or follow me on Twitter.