Hi from Toronto

Hi from Toronto

by Bodong Chen -
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Hi! I am from Toronto, Canada.

I am doing my PhD at the University of Toronto. Learning analytics is one of my research interest. The lab (IKIT, www.ikit.org) I am working in developed an online learning environment, Knowledge Forum, in 1980s. Formative assessment tools, which integrate various analysis techniques including social network analysis and latent semantic analysis, are regarded as an integral part of this environment. One question in my mind is what are the basic and fundamental questions we can ask in doing learning analytics. Have researchers found a set of questions, e.g. "is everyone participating," that reflects most important educational concerns. Secondly, how to visualize data effectively and hoe to make visualized information more accessible, understandable, and interactive for learners. So I am very looking forward to this course.

This is my first time to take an MOOC course. So finishing this course will be a success for me. Apart from that it will be a great success if I can enrich my understanding about learning analytics and hopefully find answers to my current research questions, by collaborating with colleagues in this huge group.

Related to the topic of learning analytics, I just started to look at some visualization techniques, such as prefuse, protovis, Jung, and Processing.js. It will be great if you also interested in playing with those tools.

I look forward to build knowledge with all of you!
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Re: Hi from Toronto

by Stian Håklev -
Hi Bodong,
great to see you here. I see there is a number of Toronto and Ontario people here, it would be great if we could organize some meetups to discuss the class.