Hi from New Zealand

Hi from New Zealand

by Susan Tull -
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Hi. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand

After 20 years of teaching English, Maths, Drama & Information Technology to secondary school teenagers, I undertook further tertiary study in an online environment. I found I loved the environment as much as the learning and from there my life headed in a different direction. smile

By day I’m now a Flexible Learning advisor at the University of Canterbury, (our LMS is Moodle). Here I’m interested in discovering more about learning and knowledge analytics as a way of helping our faculty, particularly in the area of student engagement.

By night I’m a PhD student, working on a model of teacher professional development in e-learning which involves an online community of practice. Here I’m interested in different ways to gather and interpret data for my research.

Success for me will be finding the time to complete the course tongueout as well as acquiring new understandings, new tools and the skills to use them effectively.

I’m looking forward to learning alongside you all.