My Introduction: David Bevington

My Introduction: David Bevington

by David Bevington -
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Hi, I am an e-learning advisor (learning resources with the JISC Regional Support Centre South West. I started this job in Sept 2010.

I am from the SW part of the UK, specifically, Cornwall and the nearest beach to where I live is the one that inspired Virginia Woolf to write 'to the Lighthouse'.

I am interested in this course as it has many links to my new role and I hope it will give me material, resources and knowledge to help FE librarians and other staff, in the region, with their CPD and integrating technology into education. If it manages this, the course will be a success.

I have a background as an academic librarian and I have worked in Cornwall, Papua New Guinea, Namibia, Middlesex at both universities, colleges and schools.

Last year, I took a year out and gained a DTLLS qualification.

Looking forward to meeting and sharing with other course participants.