Greeting from Aachen, Germany

Greeting from Aachen, Germany

by Anna Dyckhoff -
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Hello, I'm Anna Dyckhoff from Aachen, Germany. I'm currently a PhD student and I also work at the Center for Innovative Learning Technologies of RWTH Aachen University .

At RWTH we provide and support a centrally hosted LMS which is based on SharePoint. By only observing the number of courses supplemented by our learning platform we could draw the conclusion that web-based learning has become a matter of fact at our university. But closer examination of average TEL scenarios might reveal that LMS usage strongly resembles the usage of a shared file system. Only a small number of teachers and students use the interactive and collaborative services to facilitate and support learning processes.

Presently, we are developing monitoring/learning analytic tools that are better suited for our higher educational setting than the analytics features that are already integrated into our IT infrastructure. We believe that more dedicated tools could help to reveal success stories and best practices of online teaching and learning.

My research questions are closely related to the theme of this course. What are the the effects of providing a learning analytics toolkit for teachers? How could a learning analytics toolkit be designed (usability, integration, etc.) to motivate teachers to reflect on their online-teaching and to continually improve their TEL scenarios? Who wants to explore and evaluate online learning processes? How? What kind of questions are teachers interested in? ...

My goal for this course is to get to know more researchers in the field of EDM and Learning Analytics and I'm looking forward to inspiring discussions with you.

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Re: Greeting from Aachen, Germany

by Harry Lord -

Hi Anna, I visited Aachen once when working with Phillips from Eindhoven Netherlands (maybe late 1980's?). Beautiful city!

I am very interested in learning about your Sharepoint-based LMS. Was it developed in-house? Are you happy with it? Is there any possbility that I could access it, and one or more courses? (possibly as a guest)? About 5 years ago, our IT department decided to develop an LMS for our campus and choose Sharepoint, but without any faculty inputs, and with very limited features. So it is used primarily for those that simply want to post material and have a discussion forum. We also use Etudes (a Sakai derivative) for all DE courses, and about four years ago several English instructors were instrumental in bringing Moodle to our campus, and that has become the choice for many for web-enhanced F2F courses.

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Re: Greeting from Aachen, Germany

by Anna Dyckhoff -
Hi Harry,

great that you've been to Aachen! I like it, too. Especially the historic center...

Yes, we developed our LMS in-house and we are very happy with it! We changed the look and feel of SharePoint and set value on usability and simplicity. Teachers have limited setting options, because we wanted the couse sites to look similar. Otherwise it would be too confusing for students to orient themselves.

You can have a look at the demo course here:

Teacher-Login: ddozenti (password: ?ddozenti2007)
Student-Login: sstudiosi (password: ?sstudiosi2007)

Even though it is in German, it might give you an impression...

Teachers can also have more features, e.g. e-test (integration of the moodle assessment feature), or faculties can integrate their own developments in collaboration with us. The demo course only shows a basic toolset.