Tony saying G'day

Tony saying G'day

by Tony Searl -
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Where are you from? Tony Searl from Forster, NSW, Australia

Why are you interested in this course? Curious to discover innovative real time means to harness complex institutional data exhaust with a view to find why? Often enough hot air in school 'decision making' to drive me batty, so let's use it for good, not evil. smile 

What has to happen in order for you to consider this course a success? Sharing of thoughtful edge ideas wide eyes from disparate, eclectic (preferably non educational) thinkers. I'd expect to contribute in an active unstable environment with like minded learners, who like a laugh, using contemporary communication and be challenged to think more deeply.approve

What else? (your work, your experiences, etc.) I'm sure it's out there.

I look forward to catching up with you, most probably at decidedly odd hours.