Hello from Davis, CA!

Hello from Davis, CA!

by John Whitmer -
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Hello, I'm from Davis, California, USA - in the Central Valley, about 60 miles from San Francisco to our West, and 90 miles to Lake Tahoe to our East.

I'm interested in this course to increase my understanding of Analytics for use evaluating online / distributed learning, as well as overall use in Academic Technologies.

Just incrementally adding to my knowledge would make this course a success, and changing some of my core beliefs would be better, and starting to form an analytics community would be utopia.

I work as the Associate Director for System-wide LMS initiatives for the California State University system, with 23 campuses and over 400,000 students. We are coordinating efforts around Moodle and Blackboard, as well as related services.

I'm also in the middle of an Educational Doctorate at UC Davis / Sonoma State University, and I bet you can guess my methdological bent!
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Re: Hello from Davis, CA!

by Vanessa Vaile -
Hi John ~ nice to 'see' a Davis face (or avatar). I was at Davis '93-99 but not tech, comparative literature. SITT at Davis was my introduction to teaching technology and the excellent support encouraged me to bring what I learned to my classes, made a bit of an oddity in the dept.