Who is Vince Jansen

Who is Vince Jansen

by Vincent Jansen -
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Hi everyone,
I am currently the Director of Information Services at Lower Canada College in Montreal. I am in my third year in this role, previously held a similar post in other schools including 10 years in American Schools Overseas. In addition, I have been a consultant, business analyst for an information systems company.

I am very interested in data, data analysis and the knowledge gained by assessing patterns of behavior in models of learning. Schools tend to gather a lot of information and like most students in the class, once the 'test' has passed they often discard the previous notes or test, school collect lots of information and have little knowledge from past instances.

I have a background in preparing KPI dashboards and having been moving toward generating greater BI schemes into education, the alure of this course seemed a natural fit with my interests and background. I am quite confident that the content, discussions and ideas raised in this course will contribute to my own goals.

As a technologist with a curricular background, I have been fortunate to be able to assist schools construct a vision for the use of technology in teaching and learning and believe this course will strengthen my skills in this leadership role.