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The format of SCoPE seminars

Re: The format of SCoPE seminars

by Christine Horgan -
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Good suggestins. As with any extra-curricular activity we take on....obligation and/or enthusiasm can lead us to becoming overachievers: "Feedback I've had from past facilitators is that the job can take more time than expected. Hmmm, perhaps a way to add structure and also distribute the workload a bit is to start each seminar with a sign up sheet. We could have a list of roles (weekly summarizer, social convenor, wiki custodian, ???)"

There may be enough variety in the roles, Sylvia, that participants can take on bit, learn from doing those roles, and free up the moderator somewhat.

"What have you noticed about SCoPE seminars and patterns of participation? What are your suggestions for making the experience better for everybody?" I've noticed that there are lurkers who identify themselves as lurkers (I'm often one myself); there are occassional participants (who often introduce themselves but don't participate further); there are occassional posters; and then there are those who clearly know each other, know a lot about the topic, are regulars.

There's a lot the newbies (like me) can learn from the regulars.

Look forward to following up on the threads of this seminar when I return to SAIT in early October.

Cheers, Chris Horgan