Meeting Notes - Group Notes

Meeting Notes - Group Notes

by Hilda Anggraeni -
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Table 1:


- What / who is the audience for the site?
- Teaching and learning
- Directors
- Shapers/ users
- How to draw people in, when?
- Link with active low barrier access event with website as backend support

How to showcase online courses/ best practices etc to motivate / engage others?
- Public & private
- Link to all teaching and learning sites
- No site map yet
- Site moderator / contact person
- Analytics: when and where is the traffic
- Master on one domain and develop from there (ISW)
- See it as repository not depository
- Cross campus and cross discipline collaboration
- Department aggregation of resources
- Morph scope group to discuss about teaching and learning
- Expanding the audience (developers and designers, IT)
- Promote projects with cross collaboration
- Education for administrators for business cases for course creation
- Steer away from technology, leave it for ETUG.
- Build community on campus on person/ online
- Student involvement
- Seasonality theme for site
- Make this type of event regular to capture this type of thinking

Table 2:


- Why collaborate?
1. make a better…
2. we can both all use it ( don’t need to reinvent)
- How does one get asked to the dance( get asked to collaborate)
- How does one ask busy people to participate
- Comfortable to share rough or draft, but takes time to polish to publish level
- LTC >> treasure box
- Similar values and goals
- Resources – categories, tags, searchable?
- Move tag cloud to homepage or get rid of the tag cloud?
- More detailed description about the tag
- Collaboratory or repository?
- Infrastructure to collaborate or meet there and work elsewhere
- Complicated playground >> keep treasure on place for 1 year.
- Need concise summaries, descriptions
link leads to another link >> get big
- Twitter version
- Pont put all resources at once

- Some people are waiting to get asked, Other hesitate to ask someone who is busy
- LTC >>treasure hunt

- Searching function is not working well yet: because we have to know it is existed and what it is called exactly
- Tag cloud? Get rid? Move to the homepage?
- BCcampus as repository or meet and collaborate somewhere else
- Things seems transitory >> change the content: should be stable for a year
- Put it into Categories
- Differentiate between news and resources
- Follow someone posts

Table 3:


- Menu is not logical: ISW should be under faculty development; random
- Why resources is not the SOL*R, about at top
- Heading of the widgets need to be linked (ISW)
- Site to complex, still no sense of what scope does,, overwhelming (See ISW networking site)
- Needs User interface (focus it down,, cannot be everything to everybody) specifics but general
- More clear instructions to navigate faculty or students
- Make login easier/ more accessible
- What is the difference of SCoPE, SOL*R, Series, etc, isw
- Usability, availability, improve calendar, clickable then open description tag
- Digital devices and access
- weak navigation to LTC from BCcampus


Navigation and look and feel
Content is getting there (robust)
Who is the site for? Who is learning together?

Table 4 :


Look and feel
- More images and graphic
- Customize display mode
- Simplify tag cloud
- More visual

Content >> Promote or highlight
- Expert
- Events
- Categories
- soTL projects / interests (database)
- Ask an experts

- Need marketing strategies and materials eg media cards for each categories area of the LTC : description of LTC
- Show scenarios of use
- Need for facilitator for each cops/ sigs
- Idenitify various roles
- Host brown bags for different groups to explore LTC
- RSS feeds from / to events
- Add information to the site,,
- Button on the browser to add onto LTC
- Do research, what tools browser, etc people are using
- Differentiating audience: Faculty / staff, developers
- Login should be move so people wont think they need to login to access
- Display settings, indicate preference


Who else are doing the same topics and asks for collaboration
How would you like to see the site evolved?
What motivated us to keep the resources alive?
We want the faculty to use it
How to drive people interact with the website. (how to get more people involved)
Online discussion
Living things stable for a year
Continue to fund LTC website
What resources used by teaching and learning
Showcase really powerful teaching and learning work