Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes

by Leva Lee -
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Learning Centres - Updates

Grant Gregson - ECU
- small dept. of one with lots of projects/scope
- possibility for new campus but waiting to hear from govt

Grant Potter/Bill

Brent Calvert/ Eric Christianson CapU
- completed moodle based training
- inventory of courses being done and looking at range of other ed tech
- New director of T & L - Eric Christianson
- looking at media
- key thing is faculty identifies what they will need for PD

Nancy Randall, representing VIU
- VIU in transition - amalgation of T&L centre and ed tech centre (4 yrs ago) and now merging with VIU Online
- New director of T & L - Liesel

Valia S. -
Associate Director of T&L, Univ Victoria
- looking at moving to one LMS - moving courses from Blackboard to Moodle
- provide support for curriculum design
- elluminate - 2 faculties using elive and have license (no campus wide license yet) and looking at open source (big blue button)
- interested in pod/vodcasting but IP issues - would welcome discussion on how others handle

Chris T&L Centre, SFU (Fac. of Appl. Sci & Science)
- cultural shift
Stephanie Interim Director, T&L
- looking at model for the Centre
- outreach activities talking to people
- plans underway for reorganizing
- now reporting to Dean of Continuing Studies (Lifelong Learning)
- lots of change (alot of new Deans and VPs)
- lots of possibility; focus on teaching & learning and working more with faculty
- shift to facilitate/help faculty on T&L
- foster culture of teaching & learning is goal; communicate this
- support pedagogy and strengthen the ed tech

Wendy Burton - UFV
- T&L centre
- creation of position of Assoc. Vice Pres. of Teaching & Research
- T&L, Instruction Media and reports
- focus on teaching not toys
- moving from Blackboard to something else
- looking for options other than web; interested in IP issues and safety
- research on net generation extensively

Alice - Kwantlen
- lots of change; change in leadership
- support instructors

Ron Johnson - BCIT
- T&L has 2 parts: faculty dvmpt and curriculum dvmpt

Peter Arthur, UBC-Okanagan/Kelowna
- support & lead teaching & learning excellence
- support directly to the Provost office
- focus on faculty transforming first year curriculum and program review
- grad students - taking more of a support/tutor role
- new role for PhD students taking on mentoring role
- June 27 and 28 - International conference on eLearning (Jan. deadline) - research based conference

Lin Langley, Douglas College
- new president and vice pres and lots of new people
- lots of change; new mandate and strategic directions; developed collaboratively including superior quality teaching (and moving courses online)
- review of PD; focus on t & L and curriculum & assessment
- 3 wk faculty orientation (mid-August onward)
- lots of retiring faculty and staff
- divide btw Ed tech and Faculty ; work is quite separate btw both currently
- use of unofficial technologies and not supported; support is sought from peers

Jan Johnson, UBC Vancouver
- merger July 1 T&L and OLT and TeleStudies
- total 65 people with Harry Hubbel and Michelle Lamberson (co-directors)
- review of services offered and linkage to strategic plan
- LMS system review - decided by May next year

Grace D, CNC Prince George
- moved to Moodle & well received
- online courses and f2f supplemented by online (blended)
- MUG (Moodle User Group) started at PG campus
- Jackie Stokes, Dean
- relationship btw. educational pedagogy and selection of appropriate tools and balance -this needs attention and discussion
- accessibility - using onine to provide assessibility but which courses best suited to which technology

Nancy Sly, Camosun College
- report to Associate Vice-P
- newly renovated space in Library/Learning Commons
- new wordpress site
- Six on 6 - interviews with experience faculty on topics related to teaching
- getting another 1 FTE and looking how best to use this position

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Re: Meeting Notes

by Hilda Anggraeni -

Right now:
- Shows recent posts chronologically
- Categorization by file and Tags
- Pull all events into our calendar
- Events or resources connected with RSS feed.
- Bring together: Twitter, BlipTV, slideShare (tagging still manual)
- Using tag cloud to get the Information
- Why? So one website can contain all the information (from various place: Twitter, BlipTV, etc)
- Tag? Keeping it open but challenging in the way to uniform tags

- What the events can be? What kind of events? What kind of resources? Right now the criteria is broad
- What kind of events can be posted? We are not clear yet. >> related to teaching and learning
- Searchable in google? Or searchable in LTC site? Both

- Write a criteria of events >> In terms of CLARITY
- Needs more Guidelines
- Accessible help
- Calendar is the easiest way to manage events
- Way to Narrow down: online events, local events

What we have now:
- Offer expertise
- Making it open and not inclusive (one on one conversation)