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Definitions of Motivation - What does motivation mean to you?

Re: Definitions of Motivation - What does motivation mean to you?

by Nicholas Bowskill -
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Hi Roxanne,
Thank you very much for the links. They're really interesting and I'm going to spend some time looking through them. I glanced at the wrappers ideas and I agree they could work well as you say. What about the idea of asking the same thing before 'the lecture' or session as well? I think the underlying idea of the strategy is self-elicitation isn't it? Even when they go into a new subject it can be useful to externalise a guess as to what it might be about etc. And as you say once online it could be something to refer back to.

It makes me also think that rather than the activity being in service of the tutor it could be about sharing those views. That could work nicely online. You could have them all post online at the start. The collection could even be revealed only once every has posted. That could then be a forum/phase of its own in which the views of others was the basis of a discussion where you could all ask for clarification or give an explanation of your own answer etc.
The tutor could then support that process.

Anyway there's lots of ideas on and offline isn't there? Thanks again for what looks like a fascinating resource and I might get back with some more questions after reading through them, if you don't mind.

Cheers Roxanne.