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by Sylvia Currie -
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I've thanked Glenn privately but also wanted to post a big THANKS here in the forum. It was fascinating to follow the why, when, and how of blogging in professional networks. We each seem to have unique strategies and purposes for blogging and micro-blogging, and managing our participation in these networks. I suppose that is one of the biggest benefits of blogging on a individual level; we can easily fit the tools to serve our purposes. But perhaps having very individual uses for blogs is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to integrating blogs into our professional learning in any sort of organized fashion.

As is always the case with SCoPE seminars, we're leaving this topic with some lingering questions. (Imagine if we ever ended a seminar saying "All done! Nothing left to talk about! wink)

The question that emerged during out discussion about forums versus blogs for communication is fascinating. Appealing to our introverted and extroverted nature, as Glenn puts it, is one lens for sure, but there are many others to examine. For example the facilitator role in blogging networks still has me stumped! The idea of a blogging circle here in SCoPE to try this out first hand is still standing out as something we must keep on the to-do list!

Thanks everyone for your contributions to this seminar!

Our December seminar is Motivation and Adult Learning Online, facilitated by Firat Sarsar from Georgia State University. Hope to see you there!

Sylvia Currie
SCoPE Community Steward