Blogging Circle for SCoPE?

Blogging Circle for SCoPE?

by Sylvia Currie -
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Nellie raised the idea of a "group blog". Others chimed in to say they liked the idea of blogging as a group -- "with SCoPE folks", as Jo Ann put it. Glenn called it a blogging circle, which is appealing. This means there is nobody in the middle.

What would this look like? What are the logistics of setting this up?

I was reminded of this great project: In 2007 Deirdre Bonnycastle facilitated a SCoPE seminar on Active Learning, and began the Active Learning Blog Carnival, collection site for articles and other news about active learning. She invested a lot of time and energy in this project, each month receiving and organizing submissions. It was interesting to follow the life of the carnival blog. After just one year Deirdre writes...

We have reached the first year milestone with 3,707 readers! Thank you to all the contributors over the last year, without you this blog would never have happened.

In the final post (June, 2009) Deirdre writes:

I began this carnival in 2007 to promote both Active Learning and Educational Blogs. When I began the journey there were very few blogs about education and now there are 100,000’s of them.

This is a reminder that success doesn't mean forever. The timing was right for that project.

So if we decide to experiment with a blogging circle we can keep that in mind. It will take hold if the timing is right! smile

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Re: Blogging Circle for SCoPE?

by Nicholas Bowskill -
Sylvia, group blogging is interesting. It could mean we all share blogs through a feed etc or it could be keeping a single journal together. A colleage wrote about this as our practice on an intercultural course working with China.

I'll dig out the chapter or ref if I can. Just on the school run right now