Week Two: Blogging to Expand Your Learning Network

Re: Week Two: Blogging to Expand Your Learning Network

by Glenn Groulx -
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Hi Jo,

Thank you for your post.

I look forward to reading your blogs on movement therapies and art therapies when you are ready to open them up to the public, and I think that blogging in the open is a transition between  thinking of oneself as a practitioner to becoming more of a practitioner-mentor.

The challenge is to extend oneself as a blogger into various settings (anonymous, embedded, autonomous, private, networked) so we do evolve and become more comfortable sharing our ideas in various ways.

More and more experienced bloggers (those who experienced blogging in one setting or more, and wish to expand its routines to other types of personal blogs) are encountering the liminal state (as you know, Jo Ann, this is a recurring theme I touch on from time to time). I also see the pull towards setting up separate blogs, each with a different focus, and I also see the appeal of consolidating the streams into one mega-blog, migrating the posts from my other blogs and applying categories to them, so I can keep the posts all under one hosting space, rather than scattered across the net.

I really like the metaphor of the birthing of blog sites, and requiring gestation periods before blogging out in the open outside the safe, secure space of the private (semi-private) sphere.