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Re: Derek's plan for us

by Sylvia Currie -
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I'm popping in very quickly here... I'm away from my home office this week for a series of exciting meetings and workshops with colleagues across the province. It's difficult to keep up with the online world, even with an iPad! :-)

I love this community. Here you are keeping the seminar discussion lively even though our facilitator had to step away to recover (Brent will be back) and the schedule says we were supposed to end last week. And better yet, you're planning ways to continue this dialogue and improve our experience here in SCoPE.

Derek suggested we try out ForumNG. I've just been reading about it and wow, it sounds fantastic. I've put in a request to get it installed here in SCoPE. For continuing the SCoPE xPad project we could set up a special interest group.

Anyway, just want you to know I'm taking all of this in but just haven't had a minute to get myself to a keyboard long enough to compose (and complete!) a form post. :-)

In keeping with the SCoPE tradition of just letting this happen, carry on!