Hope for the iPad....

Hope for the iPad....

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Hi all,

Its interesting that as this forum draws to a close that I stumble across this article:

Why The iPad Is a Learning Tool


While the debate continues, there’s no doubt that the iPad has taken personal computing to the next level. Considering computing devices began with a vision of revolutionizing education, it’s not surprising that many of the iPad's features appeal to educational users.

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Re: Hope for the iPad....

by Colby Stuart -
Just wanted to mention that the iPad is still at "gadget" level. Until it becomes widely adopted - requiring availabilty, affordability, broadband/WiFi access - it remains a gadget in the hands of the those privileged to have one. It needs critical mass to become an accepted learning tool, which if the trend holds then the iPad and other copycat devices could set new standards for learning.

We can only hope that devices like the iPad follow in the same paradigm shifts that are reinventing how we learn.

Are we transitioning more and more from the push of education toward the pull of learning?

I have greatly enjoyed this seminar - even though I have had to follow it mostly on my iPhone while traveling. Many thanks for all the experiential anecdotes and the references and insights. I do hope that this discussion continues, Sylvia!

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Re: Hope for the iPad....

by Brent Lee -

I agree with your thoughts related to Viral adoption of the technology.

Although, as much as I like the argument to wait for this to happen, education can jump on board now and influence this as it happens, rather than wait...

I think the notion of pulling learning rather than pushing is an interesting topic... This is something the CMS has been doing for quite some time.