Why just iPads?

Why just iPads?

by Derek Chirnside -
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Why not xPads or tablets? Why just the iPad?? I know this is a sideline question to the current debate.

As far as I know there will be some new tablets coming on the market soon.
The HP got scathing reviews.
"HP's Slate is official, with an $800 price tag, iffy specs (at least for something running Windows 7) and an N-Trig touchscreen-'n'-pen display. That'll make it interesting for digital artists, but for everyone else, it's just a pretty keyboardless netbook.

Its most interesting characteristic is a bizarre slide-out tray that exists only to display the Windows 7 licensing information. It's like something from some kind of screwball comedy about awful product design: HP was apparently obliged to do this because it didn't want to mess up the exterior with this compulsory information panel.

When explaining to people why iOS and Linux (i.e. Android and WebOS) are the only credible options in the near future for consumer tablets, I used to have to explain to people exactly why non-touchscreen desktop operating systems like Windows 7 make them suck. Now, however, I just have to point out that Microsoft's lawyers get to impose design decisions on their hardware partners" (Maybe I just answered my own question)


Dell Streak Dell vs iPad vs Samsung
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Re: Why just iPads?

by Nick Noakes -
Would also like to see this expanded to more than one technology provider. Other companies following suit e.g. Blackberry's PlayPad


Obviously geared at the busines market, but if it takes hold there, it is likely to be even more compelling for experimentation/adoption with xPads/Tablets in education.
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Re: Why just iPads?

by Cameron Nichol -

We had a small trial of the iPad (for staff), and it's fine as a personal device, but it's not ready for a large enterprise implementation.  Too much administrative leg work, and too many work arounds and additional apps to get it work effectively. 

We're waiting to see the upcoming crop of Android and Windows devices, and the next iPad (I suspect it will be version 3 before it's right for us).  I expect the Windows devices to be more expensive but more enterprise useful 'out of the box'.  The dust hasn't settled on Windows phone OS and how that might work on a tablet.  I think the Android devices will be (eventually) cheaper and provide more flexiblility, but they may also be awkward to manage on a large scale.  We need to see what the upcoming 'tablet ready' Android update looks like.

Unless you a buying a device for yourself I would wait for about 8 months and then have a look at what is avaible.

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Re: Why just iPads?

by Emma Duke-Williams -
I've just seen information about two tablets that are due to be released in the UK in the run up to Xmas by one of the main Computer retailers. They're both Andriod powered - one's got a 7" screen & one a 10.1".

Of course, this is where it all gets interesting - I've got a "traditional" tablet PC (now, more accurately called a 'convertible', I understand, as it can be a regular laptop or a [now rather bulky!] touch sensitive [stylus/finger] tablet). That's clearly a very different beastie to a 7" one; but what about the diffs between it & a 10" screen ... especially if you add an external keyboard when you need it.

How also does one with a 7 or 5" screen differ from an iPod (or smart phone ignoring the phoney bits)?

I guess what I'm saying is that if this discussion is expanded we probably need some boundaries - so, my suggestion would be screens that are say 7"-11" (so, not too much need to worry about screen real estate in the same way as you do on a smartphone - but not a free-for-all like a dual 24" screen set up!); and the primary input being screen based (either finger or stylus) & weight being, well, not too much! OS could be iOS, Android, Windows; or even that $35 Indian one, if it ever gets off the ground!
And when the XO-3 arrives I hope they do another GiveOneGetOne promotion in the West :)
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Re: Why just iPads?

by Chrys Dean -
I think another interesting factor to consider is that many of these screen(at the moment) have the same resolution regardless of size... For example, any upcoming devices have screens that are 1024 pixels long by 600 pixels wide. Does it matter so much whether you have a 7 inch or 10 or 11 inch screen, when all will be the same resolution?

I suppose this would come down to personal preference and accessibility. The smaller screen would seem more "clear" and less grainy, while the larger screen would be bigger for those with low vision.
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Re: Why just iPads?

by Paul Left -
The screen's physical size makes a difference as it also serves as the keyboard. And the smaller the keyboard, the less likely you are to type lengthy text. So an iPod Touch / iPhone is fine to type a tweet but is not very appropriate for typing a whole wiki page (say). The iPad's size means the onscreen keyboard is quite useful as compared to smaller devices.

PS: Steve Jobs jokes that devices with 7inch screens will need to be sold with sandpaper to make your fingers smaller to use the touch screen properly: