September 27 Video Conference

September 27 Video Conference

by Sylvia Currie -
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Thanks to Emma Duke-Williams AGAIN we have a Flashmeeting room for tomorrow's video conference.

The plan for this session is to review the two minute "intro" videos we all created. (Ah hem...clearing throat thoughtful) If you have time before tomorrow to upload your video PLEASE DO! But of course there is no pressure.

As in the previous 2 weeks our meeting time is 11:00 PDT, 18:00 GMT (check your time zone). The link and details are posted in the Wiki. If you have any questions, just ask!

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Re: September 27 Video Conference

by Susanne Nyrop -

I have been looking into some videos made by Jesai (from your homepage), great stuff!

Oh my, although I have made many experiments, I am such a lousy video editor, getting lost in little details that keep annoying me, not reading any manual really - I'm struggling with understanding iMovie (on Mac) - and this has happened most times I've made attempts to produce something on my own. I went the tour of my garden and tried to work with a handheld primitive camera (Canon Ixus), but some passages are really messy and the speak need an overhaul! I guess I'll have to do with a webcam version, if time allows tomorrow.

(Well, I have to admit that I used to have a great playmate in this field; a very gifted multimedia teacher named Will, together we made many video research projects. I could hold the microphone and ask questions for interviews, or instruct students, while he was the techie who would take care of practicalities and always be there to support, online or on location! I miss him so much as he passed away last fall, after years of struggle with health issues. All of our shared video material seem lost as his widow cannot find the archive...)

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Re: September 27 Video Conference

by Jesai Jayhmes -
Clearly if we didn't have deadlines that involved other people, nothing ever would get done.

I have just posted my video homework on youtube, short sweet to the point.

It isn't necessary to go into lengthy editting for this one unless you want to learn it. I did my recording with Mac's own photobooth. Once I had the lighting in place it was pretty seamless.

I just saw Sylvia's video... well done. I never knew so much about Scope.


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An old interview, invisiblity and some language reflections

by Susanne Nyrop -
I find that Sylvia's Scope presentation is neat and informative.

Very sorry that real life was too complicated yesterday for live session and homework. Local bank crisis spotted at noon, preparing urgent meeting with counselor next morning plus plumbing disasters with lots of water and a kind but clumsy handyman kept me VERY busy! One trouble never comes alone!
I hope things are better next Monday.

In the meantime I can share some chunks of a video interview with a middle school student (from our study project at Vancouver Island in 2000) I edited it long ago, and put up on youtube. I wish I had more of this.

Listen to his wisdom from about 20 to 35 seconds into the first one :-)
I am the invisible microphone holder, and my questions are carefully cut out! Guess what? I hated to hear myself stumble over the words, my foreign language English was even less fluent that it is today.

I remarked in another of jesai's videos (somewhere) that you also care for those who are not speaking their mother tongue; for me, this is an obstacle where I am constantly aware of myself whenever I make a recording and listen thereafter. Maybe I should try the spirit of a good brandy before action - this miracle happened some years back when I suddenly was among German only speakers, and my very dormant high school German skills got an instant revival in a Bierstube social event :-)

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Re: September 27 Video Conference

by Nick Noakes -
Just dropping a quick note to say I really enjoyed watching all three videos posted so far. I have a couple of questions that may have got answered on your flashmeeting (sorry but I can never attend the meetings as they are 2am in my time zone).

1. How did you find it making the videos? the emotional / psychological, not the technical so much although obviously there is overlap.

2. Have you ever got students/participants to do this as well? What was their reaction to creating them and to viewing their peers? Were they also posted in the open web or under restricted access?

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Re: September 27 Video Conference

by Sylvia Currie -

Nick Noakes wrote,

How did you find it making the videos? the emotional / psychological, not the technical so much although obviously there is overlap.

I think there's a lot to be said for having some acting experience when making videos. I find it very difficult to imagine an audience behind that camera. I'm overly focused on what I am saying and how I am sounding, and it feels very unnatural. record - replay - delete - record - replay - delete ...

On the other hand, if I were being interviewed that would be a very different experience. For one, I'd be less aware of the camera. Is it because I'm speaking to someone in particular? Because it's more conversational/ less planned and rehearsed?
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Re: September 27 Video Conference

by Sylvia Currie -
Great video conference today! We reviewed and critiqued each video and Jesai coached us to improve our presentation style. Here is the recording. This time we filled up the time a little better -- less "can you hear me now" and more "how will you use this technology".

In addition to the videos uploaded to the SCoPE Seminars YouTube channel we also viewed these:

Learning Objects, by Caterina Valentino

Caterina also posted an example of an audio lesson intro last week using Jing. I love the image she used so I grabbed it to share here. :-)

Journey, by Hilda Anggraeni (and others)

Here's one of my many takeaways:
Throw away the notes! (Although writing the notes in the first place is valuable) It seems if we get too organized and write out what we want to say we rely on it too much and lose the passion.

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