Understanding Collaboration

Human considerations: Accomodating concerns about valid contributions

by Paul Beaufait -
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Concerns about audience and validity of personal contributions may not be collaborative design elements, but they certainly reflect human considerations that may frequently get lost in technological tableaux building. How is it possible to address and overcome such concerns, at least occasionally?

In case you haven't monitored it lately, the Stories and Reflections thread now carries Derek's story, rewritten after its (partial) loss in a desktop disaster. Reflections are welcome on that story, and all along that thread.

Likewise, in Secondary students reflect on collaborative work (on the Understanding Collaboration thread), Marsha shares from her collection of student reflections, and asks whether students may recognize (and cherish) the same collaborative elements we strive to understand (and amplify) in our work.

Strategies and tools for framing, fostering, facilitating, and assessing online collaboration..., you can sum up on a newer thread: Elements..., ...tools, & ...strategies, if you wish.

Please write on, in any direction you choose, as this seminar winds to an end!

Cheers, Paul