September 20 Video Conference

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by Sylvia Currie -
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We're enjoying these hands-on video conferencing sessions to explore various platforms and to discuss how to improve our real-time experiences so much that we might just make it a monthly event in SCoPE!

Sus posted in Facebook:
Today's video session with Flashmeeting worked well, technically as well as interaction wise. I like sessions where I'm supposed to DO something, not just sit back and listen.

The session was recorded, but just a warning, we opened the room 60 minutes early so expect a lot of blank space and general monkeying around. Also I notice in the recording you can only see the person speaking and not all participants. Anyway, it's kind of you-had-to-be-there experience! big grin

A few things that came out of the session for:
  • Preparing your background and lighting makes a huge difference! Emma Bourassa won the prize for the best set!
  • No matter what, it takes TIME to fiddle in order to get things working properly
  • There is a place for scripts and a place for more casual conversations
  • If presenting or prerecording a video, REHEARSE LIKE CRAZY
  • Use the technique actors use who have not had time to memorize all of their lines. Glance at next sentence or so, look at camera, speak, glance, and so on
  • We all need to learn to take more risks
Do you have anything to add to the list? Also, Jesai had some good feedback about the value of being nervous, why we are self-conscious, and why we shouldn't be so concerned about how we look. Maybe he can expand on that a bit here.

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