Professional Development Definition and community writ large

Re: Professional Development Definition and community writ large

by Paul Beaufait -
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Thank you, Jo Ann, for taking a breather, resynthesizing doubt and hope.

In retrospect, I believe that "all levels" in the original definition that Nancy posted may have been referring to K-12 units (and beyond), and their constituent institutional hierarchies, within the State of Wisconsin. In comparison, Paul Stacey's introductory post in this forum (Developing a Professional Development Collaboratory: August 18-31, 2008) illuminates the current scenario. It seems to peg the scope of the collaboratory that we've been envisioning as public-sector, post-secondary, professional development in BC.

There undoubtedly is deeper background than meets the eye in this forum. Nevertheless, the current project may well strive to avoid or reduce organizational and collaborative complexity in efforts to develop and operate a unified website. Nancy's inaugural post does hold hope for broadly embracing new paradigms.

Thanks again, to all, for cooperatively engaging in sussing them out.