September 13 Video Conference

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by Sylvia Currie -
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We had a lot of good laughs during our video conference on Monday. big grin In addition to the smiling faces you see here we also had a text chat going, and a few more people who joined later.

This experience was a good reminder of a few things.
  1. You ALWAYS need to allow time to play and troubleshoot when you get a group of people together in an online conference. Plan a time when people can drop in to get coached on the
  2. It's good practice to document the minimum technical requirements, as well as the recommended requirements.
  3. A moderator is a very important role. (Thanks Martin!)
  4. Having someone to call for technical support is a real bonus! (Thanks Joshua!)
  5. Setting up a text chat is a good way to stay connected with those who don't have audio or are having other technical difficulties.
  6. People can feel uneasy about downloading applications. It's important to provide information about the process.
  7. When you have a high definition video conference with participants who have adequate bandwidth and good quality audio & video it is an AMAZING experience!
CoroWare session

CoroWare session