by Jesai Jayhmes -
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Good day or night dear participants. Where ever you are joining us from the Earth, I hope this seminar proves useful to you in your mission to deliver valuable learning experiences for your students.

Our aim is to push the technology to connect our human presences with others.
In the classroom that is what we are used to. Think back on your own classroom experiences and the quality of your own teachers. What qualities did those that had the biggest impact on you possess?

Energy? Passion? Interest in their subject? Desire to pass it on to others?
Patience? A sense of wonder and curiousity?

Students learn not just from the orderly organization of lesson plans but from the direct communication and acknowledgement from you.

Today we are exploring video, live conferencing and prerecorded, to enhance the learning experience for your students.

Although the video option has been in existence for some time in distance learning there is a bit of a learning curve required in effectively utilizing the technology.

Now, most computers have built in cameras, you tube has millions of private channels, and reality tv has put "normal" people in the lime light for their 15 seconds of fame. Our students are accustomed to the multitude of multi-media forms of contact.

Let's have some fun getting to know each other in this medium and test some strategies for connecting in this way.

You are medium.... and the medium is the message.