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by Sylvia Riessner -
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I've had the pleasure of participating in Terrie's facilitation of our learning about the D2L platform as our college is in a partnership with BC in offering ABT courses. It was great and Terrie is a very calm and competent facilitator within the Adobe Connect environment.

I haven't introduced myself by I work at Yukon College in Whitehorse and we're struggling to help all our instructors gain access to appropriate professional development opportunities too!

If there's any way that Terrie can open up some of the learning opportunities she provided, it would be great. But I'm also aware that it is a lot of work getting everyone "one the same page" for online learning.

I noticed that people have recommended the Wikieducator platform. I started an open learning course with Wikiversity ( ) last year and found that the content of the platform is sporadic...some very valuable learning groups to join contrasted with some fairly "thin" learning materials to review. Having said that, I think it's a great place to revisit and we should all get more comfortable working within the "open" media model.

Has anyone tried the learning environment at the Open University of Britain's OpenLearn space? I'm going to try and develop a workshop for my college instructors this year on how to use the resources within this onlinelearnign environment. It's part of the OER (open educational resources) learning movement and, at this point, seems to me to provide the most sophisticated tools for collaborative course content design, development and delivery. Does that fit within your theme?

I also wanted to suggest that people try Edtechtalks...I've found them very interesting and informative (a little long-winded at times).Welcome to Ed Tech Talks, a series of podcasts on current issues in educational technology.

And I love TED talks which are not focused on education but they're beautifully done and inspirational so many times....

I've also been blogging about the fantastic open content/open learning resources I've been finding as the movement matures and explores at

I've got other resources if people are interested.