Welcome to Humanizing the Online Experience 2

Welcome to Humanizing the Online Experience 2

by Sylvia Currie -
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Welcome to Humanizing the Online Experience 2!

About this seminar
Some of you may have participated in Part 1 last year where we practiced speaking to the camera and explored a variety of communication platforms and strategies for making real-time sessions engaging and interactive. We had a blast! Expect to roll up your sleeves again this year as we really focus in on the use of video. (Participation in Part 1 not required for Part 2!)

Each Monday of this 3-week seminar we will meet at 18:00 GMT (11:00 PDT) using CoroCall high-quality video conferencing. For first-time users plan to access the room 30 minutes early in case you need some coaching on the features.

About our facilitator
Jesai Jayhmes combines his background in acting, teaching, public speaking, voice coaching, and video production to help us understand the changes we need to make to be effective online facilitators in front of the camera.

Preparing for CoroCall Sessions
Each Monday we will meet in this CoroCall room. Check the seminar Wiki for full details on how to prepare. Remember, the emphasis in this seminar is on the use of video, so you'll need a webcam and microphone. We've set up this chat room for backchannel communication.

Participating in SCoPE seminars:
SCoPE seminars are free and open to the public, and registration is not required. You are welcome to come and go according to your schedule and interests. To contribute you will need to create an account on the SCoPE site -- a quick process. Are you new to SCoPE or wondering how to manage your participation? Check this resource.

If you have any questions about participating in SCoPE don't hesitate to ask here in the forum, or get in touch with me directly:
Sylvia Currie, scurrie@bccampus, skype:webbedfeat, +1 250-318-2907