Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone!

by Sylvia Currie -
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Thanks Curt and Ke for staying connected for 2 weeks out of your hectic schedules to help us dig into your book a little deeper!

It's difficult to bring a seminar to a close when it feels like there are loose ends! We had suggestions to extend the seminar so that individuals who are still waiting for the book can become more involved. Also, there were suggestions to try out some activities in the book as part of our seminar but alas that takes more planning and time than our authors have given their busy schedules.

Curt, Ke, and I have exchanged email these last couple of days and concluded that it is best to wrap up. They're both on the road, and I learned last night that Curt just sent off his latest book for review. Wow!

There is always the option to reschedule a seminar, and we agree it should be something more structured, along the lines of what Nancy suggested here. And of course all forums remain available and afterthoughts are encouraged, so it's not like we ever close down completely. approve If I see a question that needs Curt's attention I can tap him on the shoulder. My experience in the past is that he'll respond within 3 minutes! Hey, maybe that should be the topic of a future seminar -- how to be more productive!

Our next seminar is Developing a Professional Development Collaboratory, August 18-31, 2008, facilitated by Nancy Randall. Hope to see you all there!