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Re: Partings & Reconnections

by Sylvia Currie -
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Thanks everyone for an engaging discussion on Online Learner Collaboration, and especially to Paul for being such an attentive and creative facilitator.

This seminar does have that but wait! don't go away! sort of feeling to it, doesn't it? There is so much more to explore and so many gems to come back to, which only means we have many reasons to gather together again in the future to continue talking the walk and walking the talk!

An interesting experience for me was how the collaborative dialogue extended beyond this seminar -- familiar faces showing up in other venues such as the online Knowtips conference and comments made elsewhere bringing me back to review contributions made to this discussion. The rich collection of resources we gathered (and will continue to gather) into the Online Learner Collaboration Bibliography Wiki sent me in many directions, and remembering details of earlier online collaborative experiences even caused me to do some time travel! cool

Paul's next steps will be to review materials
for publication as part of a Collaborative Online Book Project on Teaching and Learning Online, so expect that he may be calling on you for that.

Thanks again, everyone!

Sylvia Currie
Community Coordinator