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by E.A. Draffan -
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Yes Please - if an extension to the discussion is possible that would be great to allow time for reading the book when it arrives!

JISC have some learning activity links and several people have looked at the various learning style theories in terms of application to online learning.

We did not find them that helpful when it came to trying to match learning activities and Web 2.0 applications. We have tried Richard Caladine MOLTA ideas and adapted them so we have four categories: PM - Provision of Material, AM - Alteration of Material- (Activities which allow the distribution of material to students), IF&S - Interaction between Facilitator and Students (Any interaction or dialogue that takes place between students and facilitators (tutors, teachers)), IA - Intra-action (all actions with application other than the above such as tagging, RSS feeds etc.)

Please please has anyone made a better set of categories for the activities - which are in my mind the next layer and we have about 34 of them for 140 web based interactive applications.
Best wishes E.A.