Book availability - July 21?

Book availability - July 21?

by Jeffrey Keefer -
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Amazon states this book will not be available until July21.

Are there any other options?

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Re: Book availability - July 21?

by Harriette Spiegel -
Hello - I just googled it and found it available on the publisher's site:

Hope this works for you! Harriette
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Empowering Online Learning book discount codes

by Sylvia Currie -
I attempted to order my book online but received a message that Wiley is unable to place web-based orders requiring shipment to a PO Box address. This is a problem I'm used to, but I'm glad it happened because when ordering by telephone the customer service rep directed me to the Canadian office, and I discovered that the 20% discount code only works in the United States. Long story to say that Wiley Canada has now issued a discount code for SCoPE members. approve

Jossey-Bass (US - use discount code HAE20)
Wiley (Canada - use discount code HAECA)
Wiley (list of countries to order - ask for a discount!)

Can't wait to dig in!
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Re: Empowering Online Learning book discount codes

by Jeffrey Keefer -

I just ordered my copy via Amazon, as it is now available there. As an FYI, while the discount there is less than the one directly via the publisher, Amazon Prime members do not pay shipping charges and get 2-day free delivery (which more than makes up for Wiley's own price for me).

Amazing how more options now can cause us to spend more time to determine the logistics . . .

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Re: Empowering Online Learning book discount codes

by Curt Bonk -

Yes, many options.  Glad to see it since it is my book.  I made a blog post of it with many of these options at my TravelinEdMan blog:

More specifically to here:

What this will have for those without the book is a link to all the Web resources referenced in the book as well as a listing of all the references.

You can get both of these and more such resources at (including a mega-list I just created of job sites in educational technology):

Enjoy the R2D2 book.  May the force be with you always!


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Re: Empowering Online Learning book discount codes

by Deleted user -

Congratulations, Curt!

I am one of "those without the book" (sic mixed); the book discount codes won't help - Digital Divide oblige! But I must admit that I feel as close as close can be to R2D2 through your postings and I really appreciate the time, effort, energy, and scholarship invested in the book and its derivatives (podcasts, blogs, webliographies, postings...) just browsing through the plethora of resources available through the webliography at

This a great achievement. Thanks for sharing .


P.S. Did I miss the link to your book on Stephen Downes cyberspace?
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Re: Book availability - July 21?

by Jeffry Curtis -
My copy arrived on Friday...the ink is barely dry! (~!|
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Re: Book availability - July 21?

by Wendy Kraglund-Gauthier -

Ahhh, the glorious scent of fresh ink and the exciting sound of cracking a new book binding for the first time…