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Huber & Morreale, 2005 (from Barb on "...What does it mean?" thread)

by Paul Beaufait -
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Thanks, Barb, for pointing out an article from the Carnegie Foundation (Huber & Morreale, 2005) on the "What does it mean?" thread (, where a question of discipline specificity bubbles.

Whether you favor "a community of practice perspective," such as that pointed out by Sylvie in a previous post on this tread (Clarke, 2005), or adhere to communities of discourse at disciplinary interfaces, after reading Huber & Morreale, perhaps you'll agree that SoTL has to be about learning:

"What matters in the end is whether, through our participation in this new trading zone, students' understanding is deepened, their minds and characters strengthened, and their lives and communities enriched" (Huber & Morreale, final para.).

Cheers, Paul


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