Diversity and Shared Thinking

Re: Diversity and Shared Thinking

by Sylvia Currie -
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Nick's final comments about encouraging diversity multiple perspectives and avoiding consensus has been sitting with me for a few days. The process involves more than individuals laying out their ideas-- reading and acknowledging contributions is also part of it. It seems that this is the foundation for building new knowledge, yet I wonder how often we really do this in practice?

Thinking about multiple perspectives at the group level, it's important to be able to see information in new ways, and ideally to visualize our work together as improvable objects (Gordon Wells introduced us to thinking of text as "improvable objects" in his work on dialogic inquiry). Do our tools support this? There is still plenty of work to be done!

Nick's question also sparked some memories of earlier seminars in SCoPE. I went digging in the seminar archives to bring forward a couple of those discussions:
  • A thread about collaborative dialogue (It starts out with discussion about collaboration in general then becomes focused on collaborative dialogue.)
  • This thread looks at the question What do you think successful online dialogue should be like?