Collaborative Book Project Meeting

Collaborative Book Project Meeting

by Sylvia Currie -
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Just in case some of you have not joined the Collaborative Book Project mailing list, I'm copying this meeting invitation here.

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Collaborative Book Project
February 16th, 2006
11:30am PST
Click on the link below to enter the meeting room:

Feel welcome to send the meeting, project, and room link information to colleagues who may be interested in participating.

February 16th ? Draft Meeting Agenda:  
Moderator - Dr. Randy Labonte
Facilitator - Sandy Hirtz
Project Synopsis - Dr. David Harper
Style guide - Sandra Mackenzie
Progress Reports - Chapter Mayors
Wiki ? Blog Update - Tasha Alfonso
Collaborative Conclusion ? Niki Lambropoulus

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Re: Collaborative Book Project Meeting

by Sylvia Currie -
The next Collaborative Book Project meeting is Friday, March 24th at 1:00pm PST. (Fixed Time World Clock)

Agenda items so far are:
  • copyright agreement
  • publisher recommendations
  • chapter outlines
  • writing and style guide
URL for meeting:
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Reminder: Collaborative Book Project Meeting today

by Sylvia Currie -
Here is a copy of a message sent this morning from from Sandy Hirtz copied from the list

Good morning,

This is a reminder of our Online Book Project Meeting today, Friday, March 24th at 1:00pm PST.  Please remind fellow collaborators who may not be subscribed to this forum.

Chapter Mayor brief presentations on plans for chapter development
Book Outline - wiki
Copyright Agreement
Publisher Recommendations
Webcast Chapter Discussions
Writing and Style Guide
Other? ......
(Please email other agenda suggestions to Sandy at
Mayors, if you are unable to attend the meeting, please post here in the project forum, or email to Sandy, your plans for chapter development.

Follow this link to participate in discussions relating to publishing options and considerations:

In advance of our meeting, please post a head-and-shoulders image and brief bio. This will give a ?snapshot? of how broad and skilled our project participants are, and can be also be used in our negotiations with publishers.  Please list your academic credentials, history, present posting, online experience and publications, etc.  Click on the link below to post your photo and bio:


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Re: Collaborative Book Project Meeting

by Sylvia Currie -
There is a general meeting on April 21st at 10:00 a.m. (Pacific) for everyone involved in, or interested in learning more about, the collaborative book project . The book outline has undergone some substantial revisions and it will be shared at this meeting.

Here's the message posted by Sandy Hirtz in the BCcampus eLearning Marketplace and Expo:

Collaborative Book Project
Project Update and Discussion Opportunity
A live, informal, discussion and update session to answer questions, share resources, collaborate with section contributors, give feedback and discuss pertinent issues. A "first edit" of the outline will be available and new mayors will be introduced and welcomed.

This session is for all community members interested in learning more about the project, sharing resources and providing feedback.

Access the meeting in Elluminate: