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by Nicholas Bowskill -
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Wow Sylvia, We are opening a whole set of different ideas and areas here so thanks for the encouragement. I'll try not to abuse that by taking up too much real estate on here and to allow others to come in and be heard as well.

The whole issue of reflective practice and reflection is interesting isn't it? Many people say reflection is just another word for thinking. So what do we think about even the word reflection?

Then we have the issues about reflection in and on action etc. allied to issues of reflection on demand as being sometimes less than ideal.

Then we come to the other issue of reflecting alone or with others. There is such a huge fuss at the moment with portfolios (e or otherwise) that we seem to overlook questions about reflection upon the social world and therefore involving others that have a stake. What does sharing reflection mean? What do we gain or lose if it is done with peers?

My final point is that I hear your mention of organisational learning. This dove-tails neatly into questions about social reflection doesn't it? Who really benefits in OL and are benefits equal? Are they also equal in group reflection? Is that an issue or just a fact of life? Could it be different
and how?

My personal question is whether or not we can create learning organisations, communities of practice or learning communities (different things I know) - so much discussed through online collaborative/cooperative activities - in face to face settings? Or as face to face reflective dialogue as the heart of all that follows?

I must stop myself there and it would be fascinating to hear what you Sylvia and others here think.