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Re: immediacy of response / visualizing dialogue

by Asif Devji -
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Sylvia Currie wrote,

I sometimes think we're too zoned in on immediacy these days.

Hi Sylvia,

Your post resonates with me.

I think, given the speed of the communication tools available, we sometimes expect too quick of a turnaround time for learners to reflect on learned content and to then document those reflections for others to see.

As I see it, reflection is an unstructured process influenced by numerous and unpredictable factors.

Scheduling a deadline for 'reflections' to be posted (for example) often results in hasty and top-of-mind responses -- which are certainly valuable but certainly not what I would call reflection.

In fact, I propose that the speed to document and display often kills the creative aspect of reflection and can lead to less-well-thought-out final conclusions.