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by Derek Chirnside -
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What a remarkable metaphor Paul!!
I originally was just planning to dip in a little here during this 14 days, but some new work that emerged means I may need to get a little more involved in the eportfolio question, and I was a little more interested than I had thought.
I remain indecisive about the eportfolio specific tools. It seems to me the critical factor where things are going well in the e-portfolio world are to do with the questions and the issues and thought environment and the faciltation provided by 'experts' in a field - rather than tools.
And: is our concept of an eportfolio really the best container to receive and nurture reflection? I don't know yet, the question was asked (which we never really engaged with): what encourages reflection?
Well, thanks everyone for the conversations . . .
I may ponder my perennial question: what now? What happens if I encounter a thought or a question sometime in the future on the eportfolio question? Do I ever come back here and post?