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I found this site very recently. I feel it is worthy to look at in light of our discussions. It is being developed by Concordia University, Montreal.

From the ePEARL web site :

is a free, bilingual, web-based electronic portfolio software. Based on sound research evidence, coupled with feedback from the field, ePEARL has been designed to encourage self-regulation in learners within student-centred curricula.

ePEARL promotes:

  • Goal Setting: Creating general learning goals for a term or year, as well as task goals for a specific artifact.
  • Reflection on the process and finished product.
  • Feedback from peers, parents and teachers on the portfolio as a whole or on a specific artifact.
There is a short introductory video as well

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by Paul Beaufait -
Thanks for the pointers to ePearl/Pearle, David!

I've added a couple of them to the SCoPE bookmark collection at Diigo: