in praise of BLOGS as eportfolios

Re: in praise of BLOGS as eportfolios

by Derek Chirnside -
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Some provocative and interesting comments here.
These are also a great resource for subsequent classes.
Yes - but have you ever checked out how valuable these really are? This as far as I can find is an unstudied question. I'm in two minds here. Too much process stuff can appear as static and noise - but it can stimulate thinking. Too much highly polished finished artifact can be like the butterfly: help it out of the crysalis and it never builds strength. I think some of what I see in failures and success has to also do with individual student's ability to sift and sort, strip and gut, scan the data/input . . then think.
In 2010, due to some of the grumbles in previous classes about having to keep a blog, I decided to get them to keep a journal in their choice of format which I did not see.
Wow. Interesting.
a lot of support is needed for some students to get set up with one
Point taken.
more difficult to choose what is shared
The tricky thing is to get people to write reflectively
OK, are the tools we use as good as they can be for this? I guess that's what al this seminar is about.