Notes and images from the day

Notes and images from the day

by Sylvia Currie -
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I showed up to OCE2010 with my camera but left the battery in the charger at the hotel. Thankfully other enthusiasts were more on the ball! If you upload to Flickr be sure to tag your photos OCE2010. You can also attach photos to forum posts here, or upload elsewhere and just tell us where to look. D'Arcy posted this fabulous photo yesterday. I can't stop looking at it!

There were some active note takers in the room, too. Anything you can share here will be appreciated. approve

I'm busy unrolling Nancy's drawings so I can capture the gems in there. Alice typed up the sticky notes from the 'working across boundaries' discussions and will post them next week when she gets off the sail boat.
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Re: Notes and images from the day: Eddies

by Sylvia Currie -

Working Across Boundaries Session
Topic: Eddies

Sticky comments by participants:

* group still together?
* getting big pictures?
* check in
* change leadership?

Time to strategize
* Are we going in the right direction?
* check gear - are we ok?
- Places of discovery

A landmark
* charts the course

Time to slow down (deliberate)
* look around (back and forward)
* a luxury (build it into the project!)
* do it when things go wrong...reframe the problem

Can be treacherous
* current flow changes...could dump!
* tough to get out of eddy
* Is that where you want to go?
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Re: Notes and images from the day: Boundaries

by Sylvia Currie -

Working Across Boundaries Session
Topic: Boundaries

Sticky comments by participants:
- Keep people and situations focused
- Interpretation of what $s are for
- Leaders can be the less likely!
- Different world views
- Personal comfort levels -- what is good for one is not necessarily good for another
- Resource management
- Don't all look the same
- Nurturing place of socialization
- Place for establishing community
- Protection
- Tendency to interfere -- knowing when to, or not!
- History and change...collision vs opportunities
- # Beavers -- food source, protection, MAJOR accomplishments
- Provide a safe place, risk management, experimentation

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Re: Notes and images from the day: Back and Forth

by Sylvia Currie -
Back and Forth

Working Across Boundaries Session
Topic: Back and Forth

Sticky comments by participants:
- Individual vs communal migration
- hibernation, going dormant for awhile...allows new leadership to take over
- Difficult to report on metrics
- How to measure vibrancy?
- Are there scenarios of over population in online communities?
- Migration pathways...what they tell us of needs/habits of communities
- Migration as a with change of season...return, journey between communities
- Collective of smaller communities -- allows for more movement
- What are the attributes of a community that encourage you to stay or go?
- Migrating can break cliques
- Something to be embraced...constant growth sustainable?
- Carrying capacity
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Re: Notes and images from the day: Mutualism

by Sylvia Currie -

Working Across Boundaries Session
Topic: Mutualism

Sticky comments by participants:
- History of community
- Mutualism = give and take
- Community: time, goal, project durations
- Power players
- Partnership?
- Goal is mutualism
- There are builders, users, and mutualizers
- Communities across boundaries
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Re: Notes and images from the day

by Alice MacGillivray -
Thanks so much, Sylvia. My timing to go offline and out of town was poor!

I am preparing a traditional summary in Word, which will probably flow into my conference experience in the UK in some way. I will start by attaching it later today and we can talk about whether/what/how to highlight some items for more dialogue.

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The boundaries session at OCE: building on Sylvia's post

by Alice MacGillivray -
Wonderful to connect again online.

My photos are very similar to Sylvia's so I'm not adding any here right now. But I have put together quite comprehensive notes. If you want
  • to see a comprehensive list of challenges you recorded, or
  • little images of the boundary strategy photos we used, or
  • to see what the workshop feedback was (for the boundary portion) or
  • a little diagram with the theory of boundary critique (core/margin) or
  • references for the boundary critique book by Midgley and my dissertation (which informed the workshop) or
  • answers to your question about where to go for some more systems thinking resources...
then see the attached file. I would love your feedback (of course) on interpretation of what the feedback meant and how to improve use of these ideas in the future.

I've heard that some of you have been thinking about boundaries more since the workshop, which is great.

The attachment is in docx format, which hopefully allows for pasting, inserts etc.

It was wonderful to meet/reconnect with you.
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Re: The boundaries session at OCE: building on Sylvia's post

by Sylvia Currie -
Wow, Alice, your notes are fantastic. I love the way you organized the document.

As we continue to collect our notes from the OCE2010 I'm astounded at how much we accomplished in just one day!
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Re: The boundaries session at OCE: building on Sylvia's post

by Alice MacGillivray -
What's that Calvin and Hobbes quote? "The Day was Just Packed" (or something similar).

I've been making lots of connections in my mind, and expect they could be totally different than the connections being made by others. Such is the nature of learning in spaces in-between.

I thought my layout was a bit stompy, but at least it's in one place. I am curious about
  • reactions to reactions from feedback forms,
  • reactions to examples I gave (such as references to you Sylvia) and
  • about specifics such as why so many executive groups appear to be N/A.
Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I spent the day at the Highland games and watched things like guys throwing 56 lb weights over a 16 1/2' bar.