Thank you!

Thank you!

by Sylvia Currie -
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Thanks so much Emma and Kyra for sharing your work with us and facilitating this seminar. As I mentioned via email to Emma and Kyra, people are eager to use the videos in their own practice, and to make them available through libraries for faculty resource collections.

During our second live session we only touched on some of the many workshop activities that would be appropriate for faculty developers to take away to implement at their own institutions. And we also thought about how valuable a series of online faculty workshops would be! For sure we need to think about ways to continue this dialogue about culturally diverse learners. And if you are using these resources in your own Emma and Kyra would love to hear about it! Feel free to post any feedback here. Emma also mentioned to me that there is a Facebook Group -- link will be posted soon.

Our next seminar is all about portfolios. Roselynn Verwoord and Catherine Paul will be introducing us to the Portfolio Community of Practice at University of British Columbia, and showing some portfolios developed by members of that community. Mark your calendars for May 24 - June 4.
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Re: Thank you!

by emma bourassa -

Thanks very much Sylvia for helping us work through our first round at ScoPeing a session :). We were challenged by the interactive piece but with your help I believe we were able to capture the challenges and usefulness of having the sessions try some experiential learning.

Time flies and we know everyone has had busy Mays with the end of semesters etc. but would still be very much interested in hearing your thoughts on the sessions, the scenarios or any part of intercultural education.