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by Kyra Garson -
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Hi Kassandra,

The instructor in the film was the inspiration for the first alternative. He tried it and found it worked brilliantly. (Having students hand in questions to be addressed at the start of next class or on an electronic medium). A couple of things were addressed by this method. 1) The students could field questions anonymously, without losing face, and the instructor could assess comprehension (especially when the same question arose in a variety of ways). The pair / share method is old school, but used in regard to questions can also help students to articulate confusion and clarify before bringing what they might deem trivial to the entire class. Finally, the informal question period at the end of the class is LOVED by all students. If they "get it" they leave early, if they don't they have an opportunity to clarify in a small, informal setting.

The international students involved in the film were all excited about these methods and we received numerous comments from them about how they "wished" this was common practice...

Try them out... let us know...