Day 16 - May 27

Day 16 - May 27

by Sylvia Currie -
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It was a busy beginning to week 3 of the Shaping Our Future conference! Tom Carey's presentation: Practicing What We Preach - Research into E-Learning Tools for Faculty Learning and Knowledge Mobilization was rescheduled for today, and was followed by a planning meeting to kick off week 3. Despite the last minute notice we had 11 participants in Tom's session. 14 joined the discussion to talk about the logistics of moving forward this week. If you missed one or both sessions the recordings and text transcripts are available.

Several people have already contributed to the Pan-Canadian Research Agenda wiki. The idea is to contribute what you can. Don't feel it needs to be polished and formatted. Every little bit helps! To get started you might want to add some details about your involvement in elearning to the list of 226 conference participants. If you have any questions about using the wiki post them in the Help forum.

The Mindmeister map (password sof2008) created by Sue Lister has been so helpful. Several people have requested access to help with the editing. You can, too! Send a note to sl_info AT yahoo DOT com.

We are gathering in the week 3 forum but of course the forums for week 1 and 2 remain open.

Mark your calendars for the SOF2008 wrap-up session: Friday, May 30 at 9:00 am PDT, 16:00 GMT.