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Day 12 - May 23

Day 12 - May 23

by Sylvia Currie -
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Our live session today was The Case for an e-Learning Research and Innovation Strategy with Gilbert Paquette. We had another good turn out with 31 participants, and once again the discussion was very lively! The session archive and materials are available here.

On Friday, May 23 we have our final live session for week 2 of the Shaping Our Future conference. George Siemens and Heather Kanuka will speak on a topic that is very important for our work together in this conference and in the years to come: Modeling Collaboration: Researching Professional Development and Learner Needs from a National Perspective. Please join us at 16:00 GMT (see world clock) in this elluminate room.

We have accomplished a lot in the past two weeks! As we approach the weekend it is time to start thinking about our work for week 3 -- articulating the components, methodologies, important research questions, and next steps toward creating a pan-Canadian research agenda. If you would like to get started on that discussion we have the SOF2008 Week 3 Creating an Action Plan forum set up. We will also set up a Wiki to craft a plan together.

See you at George and Heather's session and, as always, spread the word!