Welcome to Culturally Diverse Learners Film Project

Welcome to Culturally Diverse Learners Film Project

by Kyra Garson -
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Greetings colleagues!

We'd like to begin by introducing the project. It was motivated by research on our campus that identified 4 key areas that posed challenges for faculty and students. 1. Participation / Communication 2. Academic Integrity / Standards 3. Team Work / Classroom Dynamics 4. Learning & Rhetorical Styles / Evaluation.

The four film scenarios were developed to parallel these challenges and explore alternative approaches. The first ScoPe session invited participants to view and discuss the film clip Plagiarism.

Our research indicated that although faculty and students shared this as a challenge, their perspectives regarding the source of the problem differed. For example:
Faculty - Plagiarism, writing skills, language comprehension, cheating, collusion
International students - Different expectations, integration of sources and independent thinking, lack of: rationale, instruction, examples, and explanation
Domestic students - Problematic in group work, unfair evaluation

Our aim in the first session was to elicit intercultural knowledge, hone in on participants' questions and comments and help us set up for the second round.

To prepare for the session on the 26th, we think it would be valuable if you had some context. Please watch the videos and consider what you see, as well as the language and theory to prepare for discussion. It may also be helpful to read Bennett's Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (attached or link: http://www.gee-geip.org/pdf/idi_theory.pdf)

On the 26th, we'll address all of the scenarios and hope to lead a constructive discussion around how this resource can be used to support faculty in addressing challenges in diverse classrooms and to make shifts that can benefit all classroom stakeholders. We invite additional strategies and collaboration. In the meantime, we'll carry on the discussion threads.

Emma & Kyra
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Re: Welcome to Culturally Diverse Learners Film Project

by Emma Duke-Williams -
I've now finally watched all the videos - thanks.

I was impressed, I have to say, with the patience of the class who'd given in questions at the end of one class, to be answered the following week! I've tended to find that students (any nationality) want an answer much more quickly than "next week" - though I could see that a combination of that & answering them on the VLE or whatever the Uni has later that day/the next day would provide a useful alternative (and might encourage the students to use the VLE discussion boards, if they're reluctant users, as many of mine are [though I don't blame them if they're on campus students!]). Also useful in that if it's complex material, then being able to read it as many times as you want could help students who're having difficulty understanding.

Also good to see the view point of the International Students who, as far as I could tell, wanted to learn how to adapt to a Canadian way of study, rather than expecting lecturers to adapt to theirs, but just didn't quite know what / who to ask.
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Re: Welcome to Culturally Diverse Learners Film Project

by Sylvia Currie -
Just had a thought -- I'll post each of the 4 main videos in a new thread for convenience and as a way to anchor the discussion around each topic. Each video has the running theme of cultural diversity but each video covers such interesting and unique scenarios.

There's also a number of "extra" videos available for viewing. I really enjoyed the bloopers! clown