Day 10 - May 21

Day 10 - May 21

by Sylvia Currie -
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Welcome if you are joining the Shaping Our Future conference this week! We now have 220 registered participants contributing to the discussions and reading along.

The Elluminate session recording, text chat transcript, and presentations slides for today's session, E-Learning: The Promise and the Potential with John Biss and Erin Mills, are now available. 32 people attended the live session and there were many important questions and comments raised in the text chat. Be sure to bring those forward to our SOF2008 week 2 discussion.

The purpose of a separate forum is to provide an easier way to focus on the week 2 activites. This doesn't mean we've closed down the week 1 forum. Feel free to carry on there as well!

Our next live session is Practicing What We Preach - Research into E-Learning Tools for Faculty Learning and Knowledge Mobilization with Tom Carey, May 21, 16:00 GMT (see world clock) in this Elluminate room.

There are only a couple days left to post your questions to the survey we are designing together in a Wiki to help us understand the best ways to move forward with a research agenda.

See you in Tom Carey's session!