SOME OUTCOMES- SL moderators

SOME OUTCOMES- SL moderators

by Gilly Salmon -
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Hi everyone, we've now got some Second Life Training Guides - one for students and one for SL-moderators. They're still in draft format, but we're using them to support for the first batches of MOOSE learners and moderators in learning related activities in the Media Zoo on SL. Please feel free to review them, critique them, try them out - the research is ongoing so all feedback is most welcome.
The guides can be found on the MOOSE blog:
best wishes Gilly

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Re: SOME OUTCOMES- SL moderators

by Sylvia Currie -
Gilly, thanks so much for the update on the Second Life Training Guides! I'm just looking throught the participant guide -- very useful. The moderators guide link on the MOOSE blog is prompting for a password. Is that just a little glitch that needs fixing?

Also, I'm wondering if you'd like for us to post feedback here, or would you prefer we send email to these addresses you have posted on the blog:

Matthew Wheeler & Gilly Salmon &